Lizbeth Muñoz

Project Manager

Lizbeth Munoz Lopes has been an animal rights activist for more than 15 years. She holds a bachelor’s degree on chemistry, pharmacology and biology and a master on human rights. In 2001 she founded APDA (Potosi Association for Animal Dignity) in her hometown of San Luis Potosi and since then she has participated with many organizations and collectives such as INterNICHE, Red Internacional Antitauromaquia, Colectivo Antitauromaquia San Luis Potosí, VioPet, De-Mente Consciente to name some. Lizbeth has also worked on diverse law proposals for the betterment of non-human animals and organized campaigns, forums and congresses on animal rights on her natal city of San Luis Potosi, all over Mexico and in Latino America. Vegetarian since 2002 and vegan since 2013, Lizbeth’s antispeciesist philosophy and praxis and her passion of justice for all has led her to embrace many causes and she is now focused on using intersectionality for her activism and life. Justice, compromise, honesty, activism, rock, grunge, a cup of coffee and a good book, a good human /non-human company are the perfect mix to brighten her day.