FaunAccion was born in August of 2015 as a concrete response to the need for training and professionalization of activism in Mexico. FaunAccion is the first Mexican group that provides training and education from a theoretical anti-speciesist an interconnected framework and praxis to strengthen citizen’s activism and to contribute to the transformation of any oppression that is interconnected to our anti-speciesist philosophy.


To provide quality training as well as practical tools through workshops, conferences, forums, counseling, and mentoring to optimize the impact on institutions, groups and Mexican citizens that work to change oppressive and unjust realities. To support groups and projects with a call for change that are inspired by principles such as respect, ethics and anti-speciesist philosophy and that are committed to the creation of societies of peace and justice. To build and cement a community based on action and collaboration among all the sectors that form our country.


To be a social organization which is pro-active, inclusive, interconnected, professional, emphatic, democratic and committed to transmitting ideas and values to empower agents of change.

Our Group’s Values


To fulfill all of our commitments, giving the best on us for the common good.


To Act on our words, with honesty and transparency.


To focus our sensibility on situations of structural injustice so we develop practices and knowledge to combat them.


To plan and develop our educational tools in a professional and efficient manner; to rigorously select our materials and information sources; to continually update our knowledge for the betterment of our educational work.